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Why Cultural & Creative Entrepreneurship?

“The story of a son’s love for his mother”

In the vibrant atmosphere of Madaklasht, Chitral, a child observed the selfless efforts of his mother, who worked tirelessly day and night to provide for their family’s survival. Her husband was a farmer, and together they led a challenging yet honest life, striving to make ends meet.  Interestingly, a time comes when fortune favors them. Their children grew up and had the opportunity to live a normal life through education. 

In the underserved community, there were many other women’s Artisans working hard to produce cultural products in a traditional style. During his journey into adulthood, the son developed a deep appreciation for his mother’s work and local Artisans and craftsmen in the community. He envisioned transforming their traditional style of work through innovative means by preserving heritage as well as commodifying their skills to make them empower socio-economically. As they were facing various challenges in terms of profitability and value in the market. 

Thus, the son initiated HUNARMANDAN a company dedicated to promoting and empowering skilled Artisans and Craftsmen through innovative means to meet market trends in the era of technological transformation and big data.

 HUNARMANDAN which means “skilled” in Persian commonly used in South Asia to describe individuals who possess a high degree of skill in Traditional Crafts and Artisanal Work. 

That hardworking lady mentioned in the story is none other than my own mother, and the company HUNARMANDAN is a testament to her legacy.

 The underlying message of this story is that through hard work, clarity of vision, and thinking for the good of others, we can create positive outcomes for ourselves and our communities.  

It is our belief that by preserving and promoting traditional crafts and empowering artisans, we contribute to the preservation of our cultural heritage while fostering socio-economic growth. 


 Shafiq Ahmad

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