Chitrali Beans

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Explore the heart of Chitral’s agricultural bounty with HUNARMANDAN’s Chitrali Beans, a testament to the fertile soils and traditional farming practices of the region. Handpicked for quality, our Chitrali Beans bring you the wholesome goodness and natural taste that define Chitral’s agricultural excellence.

Sourced from the lush valleys, these beans undergo meticulous cultivation, ensuring they retain their freshness and nutritional value. HUNARMANDAN takes pride in delivering a product that embodies the authenticity and richness of Chitral’s farming heritage.

Whether added to stews, soups, or enjoyed as a standalone dish, Chitrali Beans by HUNARMANDAN promise a flavorful journey through the fertile landscapes of Chitral. Immerse yourself in the culinary tradition of Chitral and elevate your cooking experience with HUNARMANDAN – where every bean tells a story of fertile fields and artisanal care


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