Chitrali Salajit

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Introducing HUNARMANDAN’s Chitrali Salajit, a premium offering that brings the ancient wisdom of Chitral’s mountainous landscapes to your wellness routine. Meticulously sourced and purified, our Salajit is a natural resin known for its rich mineral content and potential health benefits. Derived from the pristine altitudes of Chitral, this resin is a testament to the purity of the region. HUNARMANDAN ensures that each batch of Chitrali Salajit undergoes rigorous quality checks, delivering a product that encapsulates the essence of its mountainous origin. Embrace the holistic power of Chitrali Salajit, believed to support vitality and well-being. Add this unique substance to your daily regimen and experience the natural goodness that has been cherished for generations in Chitral. HUNARMANDAN invites you to explore the wellness heritage of Chitral with our authentic Chitrali Salajit – where nature’s wisdom meets modern well-being.


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